Thursday, February 9, 2012


So after the Patriots lost the Super Bowl to our rivals the New York Giants (Congratulations BTW) I’m over it now. Enough of that, start practicing for next year. There's always the Red Sox or Bruins :)

Ashville, NC- The mountains, slightly warmer than normal. The place we stayed was amazing; the Historic Brigman House built in the mid 1800's and refurbished in 2004; it was great. Views were amazing, the rooms were wonderful. A side cabin that was awesome with a loft. Thursday and Friday night consisted of friends, food, beverages, and of course a fire-pit! Saturday we went on a MicroBrew tour! Cool places with great beer (French Broad Brewing, Wedge Brewing, and The Green Man). Saturday night we enjoyed a wonderful dinner at Zambra Wine & Tapas. Octopus, Beef Tri-Tip, Scallops, Shrimp; Oh my and to top it off a wonderful Blood Orange Spicy Martini! I very much enjoyed being with friends and hanging out, getting away for a few days was much needed. Nice to be away from the work area and be yourself.

Jewelry- well Bell Originals got put on hold during the holiday's because of my dining room table. I needed to feed people on it lol. I am determined to get a small desk and rearrange the guest room so it also becomes my jewelry/hobby room- guest bedroom. I did get to design and create a piece for a friend who was running an auction for her work. I was very pleased with that piece. So now that I have the bug back, more to come…

As far as yoga goes, I can't get enough. I enjoy my Monday and Thursday nights, my teachers are wonderful and I’ve met some wonderful people. I've accomplished so much in the 7mths I've been going. I could barly bend, stretch, fold and put myself into some of the positions. I surely couldn't do it without completely turning red, my heart racing, and needing a shower after. You would have thought I ran a marathon or climbed a mountain. Now I have learned how to breathe, pace myself, make adjustments where needed, my posture is better and overall I feel better! In the beginning I would be wiped out after class. Now I actually feel more rejuvenated.

So as far as everything else goes I’m just excited about Spring time. Warmer weather and longer days make for a more productive me!

Monday, January 9, 2012

I Heart Macro - Beads-Necklace

Happy Monday Readers

I thought I would share an image of my jewelry this week.

This is a drop I made for a chain necklace.

Thanks to Studio Waterstone I'm enjoying "I Heart Macro"!
studio waterstone

~ Colleen ~

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

studio waterstone

After seeing the button above on many blogs, and going to do a little research, I thought I would join the crowd and add an image. Thanks to Studio Waterstone I'm trying the "I Heart Macro" and sharing my image of Smokey!
~ Colleen

Friday, December 30, 2011

What is in store for the new year.

What is in store for the new year. Where will I go, what will I accomplish, will I grow my mind, my body, my spirit. I believe I will. I look forward to yoga which has taught me to not only breath properly, but relax and focus. Take time to understand things going on in my life. Make decisions based on thinking things through, not taking rash judgment.

This year has brought my parents down here to live and be near me. That I can't put into words how happy I am. I'm excited, they are settled in, happy, and have met some truly wonderful people. People I enjoy being around, laughing with, learning about.

My friends that I socialize with and consider family are a big part of our lives. Party's, dinners, weekends away, the beach, the mountains, and of course the football. Tailgating is a big thing down here and we certainly had fun this year.

Birthdays, another year older another year wiser... One hopes. This year I started yoga and haven't looked back. Enjoying every class like its a new beginning. Thanks City Yoga and my two great instructors for making me feel better about myself.

Bell Originals - where will that go next year. I have done so much research over the last several months. Designing jewelry is relaxing and when someone wants to purchase it, rewarding. I plan on making the spare room into a studio... Well bedroom/studio. I will start posting pictures of progress when I start.

I look back and think...

I know I had adult mono/fatigue on New Year's 2000, I was in bed while my friends called me all night wishing I was out. When they got home I did party a little then back to bed. The next few years where in Boston club hoping until the wee hours. Although for that matter I'm pretty sure all of the 90's consisted of night clubs and bars. Before that I would bank mostly house party's.

Wow where has my life gone... It seems so odd to flash back to some memories. Whoever I am, I am this person because of everything I did, or did not do in my life. And I look forward to this new year. A year for growth, education, opening my mind and learning.

I wish my husband, family & friends a very safe and Happy New Year!

~ Colleen

Thursday, December 1, 2011

So this is it, I’m going to give this a shot and see what happens. Not sure what I am going to be posting, but it will be random for sure. Of course jewelry that I create, food I cook, pictures I take, some graphic design pieces that I do, and anything else I might feel the need to share.

My goal; I’m not really sure yet, but at least this is a start. Recently I have started looking around at all the bloggers out there and thought I can do that. I can add my images and stories. One of my biggest fears is truly that I’m horrible with grammar and spelling. So right off the bat I’m going to tell you if you are an English major or “wannabe” English guru (you know who you are) you will more than likely get frustrated with this blog and some of my posts. I can’t help that, and I’m hoping that the more I do the better and more creative I will become.

At this point, I’m a frustrated jewelry designer/artist who sees so much I want to do and learn, that I get frustrated with the lack of time I have to put into it. Although, part of the problem is I want it to be done quickly so I can see the finished piece. My goal in 2012 is to lighten-up and let things flow.

A little background: I currently live in South Carolina, (not the coast or the mountains) transplanted here in 2003 from Boston where I grew up. Married to a wonderful husband, no children but we have an adopted cat (Smokey) that just made himself at home over several months and is now ours from our neighbor. I’m an only child and the beginning of this year my parents finally moved south. I am thrilled to be able to drive down the street again and visit, go shopping, or just chat. I work for a wonderful company in Orangeburg, SC as a Multimedia Developer and love it. Truly it’s a dream job. I have two monitors, a Wacom tablet and the full Adobe suite at my disposal along with a few other various software products that allows me to have the “FUN” job. I started Yoga this summer, a week before my 45 birthday, am now HOOKED and go twice a week. It makes me feel good and inspires my mind, body, and soul!

Well that’s about it for now seeing this is getting pretty long and I’m sure you're slightly bored at this point, or frustrated over my lack of grammar and spelling ;) So enjoy the first few images to give you a glimpse of what might be at C Bell Doodles!